Goddess to the Core Retreat    |   November 3rd-5th, 2017

The VISION & MISSION to inspire women to live a life EmPowerEd continues this November 3rd-5th, 2017 in an intimate, experiential retreat with Sierra Bender, founder of the Sierra Bender Empowerment Method (SBEM) and guest teacher, Signa Cheney, Founder of Mandala Yoga in Portland.

Goddess to the Core is a life-inspiring experiential retreat, empowering you to be fierce and fearless, while harnessing your true feminine essence, the Goddess within.

I received such great feedback from all who attended the EmPowerEd event, and this is her last event of the year before she opens her Sierra Bender Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

There are only 12 discounted slots left for $397.  
Sierra's standard workshop price is $597.

Emerge spiritually-connected, mentally-focused, emotionally-confident and physically-invigorated utilizing the Sierra Bender Empowerment Method (SBEM). 

Whether you are coming personally or professionally, you will walk away transformed and with a set of new tools to put your female spirit in action.

We will be immersed in nature at a private retreat center on 60 acres of lush , only 30 minutes outside of Portland.

During this retreat immersion, we will:

  • Build stamina, strength and flexibility in all 4 bodies (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual).
  • Discover who you are at your core—what you DESIRE, REQUIRE, and DESERVE.
  • Release emotional baggage in the form of past hurts, fears, burdens and pent-up emotions.
  • Strengthen your core by following your intuition, instincts, and senses.
  • Harness your body’s intelligence and healing capacity.
  • Be motivated by the Goddess to the Core® Inside Out Workout™ to Love your body not punish it and effectively reach your fitness goals.

Activities Include: Board breaking, yoga & weight training, indigenous rituals, breath work, core energy & healing techniques (all fitness levels).

As a gift to you, EmPowerEd attendees receive exclusive offer of $397 registration until September 12th, 2017

To receive an exclusive discounted rate & REGISTER,

please e-mail Jennifer Alyse directly at info@jenniferalyse.com before September 12th.