Latest Shoot | Be In Service to Others

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Show up humbly in service to others.
Imagine if we each begin our day with this intention.  Asking the question, "How can I be of service?" ripples out and ignites unstoppable potential.

Try it out. What do you have to lose?

Recent editorial with actress and prolific acting coach, Jana Lee Hamblin, who embodies this wisdom and bestows upon all she interacts with.

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Thank you Emily Mercer for Hair & Makeup and House of Lolo for wardrobe. 

Latest Shoot | When You Open Your Heart

We must look at ourselves over and over again in order to learn to love, to discover what has kept our hearts closed, and what it means to allow our hearts to open”.
— Jack Kornfield
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Why do you do what you do? What is the reason you get out of bed each day?

What about when life gets really tough? 

In each photo shoot, I love discovering the WHY to each person.

In a recent shoot with Rachel Joy, she shared her journey of working in the cardiac medical industry for the past decade, watching people in the operating room die of literal broken hearts. 

From her intimate experiences in moments of life & death, she has witnessed the impact of someone who has stuffed away their personal dreams, not resolved a relationship or forgiven a loved one, or perhaps neglected themselves to the ultimate tipping point of life & death.

As a teacher & leader, she is now working one on one with people in following their hearts, their deepest longings and healing pain. 

I personally believe that when we open our hearts, we allow LIFE to move through us.

"Peace comes when our hearts are open like the sky, vast as the ocean.." ~Jack Kornfield

Thank you Linda Wagner for your giving heart, and talented hair & makeup. 

Vulnerability is Sexy | Latest Shoot with Jana Lee Hamblin

When we are vulnerable, raw and authentic, this is where undeniable beauty lies.
In a recent shoot with well known actress  Jana Lee Hamblin,
our entire crew came to the shoot with true vulnerability in how we were feeling that day. 

In being authentic and open, we all felt more connected, understood, and shot timeless moments with Jana Lee.

A huge shout out to Emily Mercer for flawless hair & makeup and being vulnerable :).

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One Voice.

It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.
— Madeline Albright

I have been very silent most recently.

The outer world has been filled with historical events of tragedy, overwhelm, and uncertainty. Witnessing the discord, and unfortunate acts of violence and discrimination has put me into a place of deep introspection. Rather than reacting in anger, hate, and fury, I sat back to reflect.

I realize that our words are very powerful, and do matter. 

It has been over six weeks since I have written or shared anything. As I resurface, I feel a profound resilience of opportunity and a coming together to stand for a new way of being. 

You see, I believe that the most difficult times are the most profound moments when our hearts can begin to open. When our hearts are open, we begin to know our truth.

I write this to share we must now come together with ONE VOICE.

ONE VOICE of possibility, heart, and kindness.  We are each connected, and together, we are powerful. 

I am featuring an Empowered woman, Bethany Jacobs, from a shoot we shot last June 2016.

We captured the radiant elegance she embodies, and the iconic ability of women. Bethany is an acclaimed actress who began to use her voice to declare what she most wanted in her life. This act alone has brought her so many opportunities, and has even inspired me to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT.

What are you inspired to SAY? To VOICE and EXPRESS?


Big thank you to incredible team:

 House of Lolo, Wardrobe.

Kristal Passy, Assistant.



Actress Bethany Jacobs

Actress Bethany Jacobs

Actress Bethany Jacobs

Actress Bethany Jacobs

Actress Bethany Jacobs. 

Actress Bethany Jacobs. 

Living A Life of Courage

Each person we meet and interact with is an opportunity. Actually, it is a gift.

Each interaction becomes a gift to share kindness and presence. Each person we meet in a reflection of ourselves. When we begin to see life as a gift, as each person a teacher, life transforms in front of our eyes. 

You see, we are all connected. 

When one person is thriving and living a life of courage, it gives others permission to shine brightly. Imagine a world where each person was thriving and in alignment with their heart's purpose? 

Courage is the fire to ignite change in our inner landscapes that in turn ripples to the outer world. It takes RADICAL bravery to reach out and extend our vulnerable truth. When we live a life of courage, we begin to reclaim the spark of aliveness that lives within each of us. 

              Living A Life of Courage

              Living A Life of Courage

I recently met a remarkable woman, Liz, who took a huge leap of courage to be photographed. She took a courageous leap to share with the world how women's beauty and age is being misrepresented in the media, and how women over the age of 50 CAN and DO represent beauty. 

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I walked away from our shoot humbly inspired, and remembered the profound words of Peter Lindbergh

"This should be the responsibility of photographers today: to free women, and finally everyone, from the terror of youth and perfection.”

In the imperfection is the perfection. In the unknown are the greatest rewards. In the face of adversity lies the greatest opportunity. In the face of fear we reclaim a life of courage.

May each of us live a life of courage, boldly giving the gift of our hearts, and recognizing this in another.

Meet Empowered Women: Andrea Leda, Sought-After Coach & Spiritual Leader

From the mountains of Bend, Oregon to the majesty of the Oregon coastline, I had the pleasure to work with sought-after coach, intuitive and spiritual leader, Andrea Leda this past month. 

Her transformative work in the world is an example that really anything is possible. 

What if we knew we could not fail?

What if we were living a life we truly LOVED?

What are these tools for accessing our greatest selves?

I personally love Andrea's journal writing prompts. Check out her inspiring offerings at

Thank you to both Emily Mercer for Hair & Makeup, and Nancy Wright for wardrobe styling.