Meet Empowered Women: Danielle Savory

Have you ever met someone and right away you feel like you have always known them?

Meet Danielle Savory.

She is the real deal and she isn't afraid to speak the raw truth. 

I am inspired by Danielle's courage to bring forth her story, and share relevant ways to live a more peaceful, present life (even in the midst of radically full schedules & daily demands).

It was a JOY to photograph her this past month, and see her sharing her true calling in the world. In fact, I had an opportunity to join her for one of her most recent events (see several photos below) and am excited about her month long September mindfulness challenge.

In the Empowered Series, I work with women from around the country who are ready to step fully into their passion and BE SEEN in giving their gifts to the world. Check out the inspiration on my website at

Thank you to Robin Allen, wardrobe stylist and Jodi Vaughn, hair & makeup artist, for your talent.