Meet Empowered Women: Flora Bowley, Author & Artist

We each possess creative potential, and our intuition is a vehicle for tapping our innate genius. 
Flora Bowley embodies the personal mission of the Empowered Series.

Her latest book, Creative Revolution: Personal Transformation through Brave Intuitive Painting, speaks to the mission that we can be led by our intuition to a path of freedom, joy and trusting from a deeper place within.

From a recent shoot with Flora, I felt deeply inspired to share her latest book & personal story:

Artistic pursuits such as painting have the power to soothe, heal, and connect a person to their truest self. For author Flora Bowley, making art and expressing herself creatively have always served as potent forms of personal evolution and holistic healing.

Creative Revolution is the culmination of Flora's life's work as an artist, offering guidance for others to embrace their authentic selves through paint. She has taught more than sixty workshops since she wrote her first book, Brave Intuitive Painting, and has witnessed miraculous things when people engage with the intuitive painting process. Creative Revolution is the next best thing to taking a course from Flora. Many readers and students can't help but exclaim, "This was about so much more than painting!" 

After reading Creative Revolution, readers will have a deeper connection to their intuition, increased confidence to make bolder choices, freedom to let go and explore various options, an understanding that everything is transformable, the trust that it will all work out in the end, and a renewed sense that creating can be fun and playful. All of this powerful transformation begins with paint. Flora has been writing and reflecting on these transformational aspects of the creative process for years.Creative Revolution is an insightful and practical guide for realizing the transformational power of fully embracing your creativity.

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