Living A Life of Courage

Each person we meet and interact with is an opportunity. Actually, it is a gift.

Each interaction becomes a gift to share kindness and presence. Each person we meet in a reflection of ourselves. When we begin to see life as a gift, as each person a teacher, life transforms in front of our eyes. 

You see, we are all connected. 

When one person is thriving and living a life of courage, it gives others permission to shine brightly. Imagine a world where each person was thriving and in alignment with their heart's purpose? 

Courage is the fire to ignite change in our inner landscapes that in turn ripples to the outer world. It takes RADICAL bravery to reach out and extend our vulnerable truth. When we live a life of courage, we begin to reclaim the spark of aliveness that lives within each of us. 

              Living A Life of Courage

              Living A Life of Courage

I recently met a remarkable woman, Liz, who took a huge leap of courage to be photographed. She took a courageous leap to share with the world how women's beauty and age is being misrepresented in the media, and how women over the age of 50 CAN and DO represent beauty. 

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I walked away from our shoot humbly inspired, and remembered the profound words of Peter Lindbergh

"This should be the responsibility of photographers today: to free women, and finally everyone, from the terror of youth and perfection.”

In the imperfection is the perfection. In the unknown are the greatest rewards. In the face of adversity lies the greatest opportunity. In the face of fear we reclaim a life of courage.

May each of us live a life of courage, boldly giving the gift of our hearts, and recognizing this in another.