One Voice.

It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.
— Madeline Albright

I have been very silent most recently.

The outer world has been filled with historical events of tragedy, overwhelm, and uncertainty. Witnessing the discord, and unfortunate acts of violence and discrimination has put me into a place of deep introspection. Rather than reacting in anger, hate, and fury, I sat back to reflect.

I realize that our words are very powerful, and do matter. 

It has been over six weeks since I have written or shared anything. As I resurface, I feel a profound resilience of opportunity and a coming together to stand for a new way of being. 

You see, I believe that the most difficult times are the most profound moments when our hearts can begin to open. When our hearts are open, we begin to know our truth.

I write this to share we must now come together with ONE VOICE.

ONE VOICE of possibility, heart, and kindness.  We are each connected, and together, we are powerful. 

I am featuring an Empowered woman, Bethany Jacobs, from a shoot we shot last June 2016.

We captured the radiant elegance she embodies, and the iconic ability of women. Bethany is an acclaimed actress who began to use her voice to declare what she most wanted in her life. This act alone has brought her so many opportunities, and has even inspired me to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT.

What are you inspired to SAY? To VOICE and EXPRESS?


Big thank you to incredible team:

 House of Lolo, Wardrobe.

Kristal Passy, Assistant.



Actress Bethany Jacobs

Actress Bethany Jacobs

Actress Bethany Jacobs

Actress Bethany Jacobs

Actress Bethany Jacobs. 

Actress Bethany Jacobs.