SUGAR DETOX Branding Shoot with Kerry Mann

I received the kindest feedback from Kerry Mann, a holistic health coach and overall inspiring human, and I had to share.

I am deeply passionate about the impact of nutrition in our lives. Check out more about Kerry Mann and her offerings below:

Working with Jennifer Alyse!

When you want to create inspired images for your business, you need someone who can help you bring out your best. I knew Jennifer was the right person to work with because I could completely be myself around her and she was really easy to work with. She took images that brought out my essence.

She knew what would work well for my brand, which is so important when launching a new website. I also loved the fact that Jennifer cared so much about health and wellness. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with someone who is so clearly passionate about what they do. 

ABOUT Kerry Mann

Are you ready to feel vibrant, healthy, and strong?

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Kerry Mann is a holistic health coach who works with busy professionals and moms who are overwhelmed juggling their work and personal lives. She helps her clients create balance, so they can create the lives they’ve always wanted. Kerry teaches women how to be healthier, happier, less stressed, more energetic, and lose weight. 

In her program, she focuses on food, exercise, sleep, relationships, career, and your overall happiness-everything in life is so intertwined. Stress, energy, weight, pain, emotions, and diet can all have a significant impact on your health. I will give you the tools to manage these aspects of your life, so you can control them rather than letting them control you. 

As well as one-on-one coaching Kerry offers a 10-Day Sugar Detox.

Here is what Kerry has to say about it:

"It’s a whole foods-based program designed to “restart” your system, by giving your body a break from sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, and hydrogenated oils–all that stuff we tend to love, that doesn’t necessarily love us back. You’ll learn how food affects your body and mood. And you’ll train your body to crave naturally sweet foods. So, if you want to increase energy, improve your mood, and jump-start your weight loss, then this detox is right for you!"

If you’re ready for support and accountability around your health goals, contact Kerry to schedule a complimentary strategy session: