Guide, Witness, Visionary Photographer

Jennifer Alyse is a visionary photographer, creative and dynamic facilitator, who has spent the past decade documenting some of the foremost thought leaders and creatives.

 From CEOs, to authors, actresses, musicians, entrepreneurs, healers, and teachers — Jennifer’s greatest joy comes from her clients being SEEN, HEARD, and KNOWN.

 As a part of her creative journey, Jennifer bridges the gap between ancient traditions, human potential, embodiment and creative expression as vehicles to awaken one’s inner wisdom.

 In addition to Jennifer’s career as a creative, Jennifer has extensively studied in both holistic and traditional models of healing.  As a graduate of Paula Byrne’s Mind Body Spirit Leadership training in 2013, and certified Master Practitioner of Integrative Life Coaching, Jennifer combines her training with over eight years of mentorship with elders of various traditions.

 Jenifer believes that to be seen for our true selves gives us permission to awaken to our greatest lives and to act for the greater good of all humankind. She will continue to facilitate, promote and lead the movement to make this belief a reality.

 Jennifer resides in Portland, Oregon with her fiancé Michael and cat Willow.